improves parental benefits to attract homeworkers

Improvements in maternity and paternity benefits have been made by online cruise specialist to attract an additional 20 staff over the next year.

The company hopes the changes will encourage more people to consider home working for the Midlands-based company.

Additional maternity pay will see mothers-to-be gaining an extra £2,000 on top of statutory pay over the normal six-month maternity period.

This comes after the firm undertook an in-depth comparison showing that most retail and home working companies in the travel industry provide only statutory maternity and paternity entitlement equivalent to just £128 a week.

The new policy, which the company introduced from April 1, will see female workers being given an average of 90% of earnings, based on basic salary and commissions for the first six weeks and then 50% of earnings for a further 22 weeks.

The average earnings for sales consultants is £24,000 a year.

Male staff will see paternity pay at 50% of earnings for two weeks.

Manager director Seamus Conlon said: “This change to our maternity and paternity policy applies to all full time staff, including home workers.

“All our staff, including those who are based at home, are employed by us with good basic salaries plus generous commissions.

“Importantly, most home workers for other travel organisations are self employed.

“This new policy is to encourage retention of our existing team as well as attracting new staff as our business continues to grow.”

Operations director Andrew Adler added: “The attractiveness of our home working package, which includes basic salary, uncapped commission (payable when booked, not on departure), pension, sick pay, free phone calls and leads, no admin fees and now generous maternity and paternity pay, has helped draw 25 experienced cruise sellers working from home in less than a year and we want more.

“Our business is growing and we want to attract the best – we would encourage potential team members to get in touch.

“ currently has over 50 sales people, of which 25 are home workers.

“Over the coming 12 months the business is looking to recruit another 20 home workers as it continues to expand into niche cruising, river cruising and tour programmes.”

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