Wegolo upgrades with weather tool

Wegolo, the European no-frills airline search engine, is to launch an unconventional new function that allows users to find prices based on the weather in a particular location.

The new tool, developed by Wegolo-parent company PR Aviation, is expected to launch by the end of October and is the first in a series of improvements to the site.

The first phase of the weather search service allows users to select a desired forecast and find all destinations served by low-cost carriers across Europe matching the request for the following five days.

The second release of the tool, expected within weeks of the initial launch, will display a complete list of all the available flights to the weather-selected destination from a favoured departure airport.

PR Aviation commercial director Walter Goffin said: “Although realising that such a feature will serve a particular niche-market, we believe it fits with the consumer’s desire and ongoing demand for getting instant access to products and services.

“We hope with this feature to have created a truly ‘last-minute’ concept, as it takes only five minutes to book your e-ticket and escape from the rain today.”

Wegolo has recently expanded its portfolio of sites to include services in Russia, the United Arab Emirates and the expanding India market. Walter said the use of maps, due later this year, and the weather tool demonstrated the site’s desire to include tools relevant to the low-cost target group.

The weather search tool is believed to be the first of its kind on a travel search engine and comes amid a flurry of new user tools on online travel sites.
Yahoo! recently unveiled a string of new additions to its Travel portal in a bid to ramp up its online presence.

The Yahoo! Answers product, which most consider to be well suited to the travel industry, has been incorporated into the travel portal after resting initially as a standalone product in the Yahoo! portfolio.

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