Room77 adds loyalty points and special rate filters to hotel search

Room77 adds loyalty points and special rate filters to hotel search

Hotel search engine Room 77 has added a loyalty points scheme and a special rates search to its website ahead of the peak booking season.

The site, which provides users with room-by-room information to enable them to hone their search to the finest detail, claims to have addressed common frustrations online bookers have.

Kevin Fliess, general manager and vice president of product for Room 77, said: “We’re committed to developing new products and services that truly put the traveller first.

“We search more sites and now offer more rates so travellers are assured to find the best hotel deal out there.

“By giving travellers the ability to earn loyalty points and pay at the hotel, we’ve addressed two of the most common complaints travellers have about booking hotels online.”

Among the special rate filters now available are advanced purchase, AAA member rates and senior citizen discounts.

Room 77 claims these can offer savings of up to 50% compared to other websites with a rate comparison tool showing the comparable price on OTA sites like Expedia and Priceline.

Customers now have the option to pay through Room 77, a partner website or at the hotel itself and determine if the booking qualifies for loyalty points.

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