Crowd fund your next dream holiday with We Can Go Dutch

New travel community launches today with a new take on the group buying concept.

Described as a crowd-funding community, the site offers the opportunity for travel ‘organisers’, or users of the site, to share a desired trip.

Other users can then help to develop the travel plans and create a group to share the cost.

We Can Go Dutch uses the example of an ‘Organiser’ discovering a Tuscan villa for £7,560 a week and then finding nine other people on the site to share the cost with.

The site claims this sort of collaboration can make any travel dreams a reality and it is launching with a competition for the most interesting and imaginative ideas.

The top four each month, from April to July, that go through to completion will receive 250 shares in We Can Go Dutch Ltd, valued on April 13, 2012 at £250.

Moray Coulter, owner of We Can Go Dutch, said: “We are helping people to use their combined strength to enhance their lives in a way that it would be harder to do alone.

“This isn’t really about getting things cheaper, it’s about getting something much more spectacular for your money.

“It’s not just about group holidays, but really anything you might want to buy or rent with other people – from a lawn-mower among your neighbours to a supersonic jet.

“You can bring something new or browse what’s already available on the site.”

The concepts work by people signing up to a particular trip posted on the site and pledging money to We Can Go Dutch.

Payment is taken once the target has been met and if the required total is not reached by a deadline all payments are cancelled.

We Can Go Dutch is also allowing suppliers to post their products on the site and is prepared to pay commission of 11% on any sales they made through the site.

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