Cheapflights strives for to optimise for relevancy with iJento

Cheapflights Media has struck a deal with analytics specialist iJento to integrate online and offline data about its customers.

It is hoped the tie-up will give the travel deals publisher a better understanding of consumer behaviour to help it optimise its website.

Using iJento Datamart, Cheapflights will be able to assess how its deals match customer requirements and behaviours.

Alan Martin, chief financial officer at Cheapflights Media, said: “Cheapflights is different from other travel industry players in that we attract people in and then direct them elsewhere.

“We chose to work with iJento on multichannel customer intelligence to help us better segment our visitors with the goal of delivering deals increasingly tailored to consumers’ needs and serving our partners with even more relevant traffic.”

Peter Ryan, iJento chief executive added: “Partnering with companies like Cheapflights Media demonstrates the power of understanding multichannel and multi-device consumer behaviour and how that can be harnessed for better customer interactions and more value for partners.”

Cheapflights drives customers to its partner via a number of channels including social media, an increasingly popular newsletter and traditional search marketing.

It hopes its partnership with iJento will help it send more relevant traffic to its advertisers.

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