Study shows travel insurance search decrease

Study shows travel insurance search decrease

Car insurance topped Google searches over travel and home cover in January, according to new data.

Of a total of 1.9 million searches for insurance products online, 1.2 million or 62% were for car insurance-related terms.

Travel insurance and home insurance attracted 25% and 13% share, respectively.

The search for travel insurance was down 3% over October last year, while house cover searches rose by 2%, digital marketing agency Greenlight found in its latest insurance sector report.

‘Car insurance’ was the most popular search term. It was queried 550,000 times and accounted for a 29% share of overall insurance queries.

‘Car insurance’ was also the most queried term in the car insurance sub-sector, and accounted for 47% of searches. ‘Cheap car insurance’ followed with 165,000 (14%), then ‘Car insurance quotes’ with 74,000 (6%).

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