Travelport achieves milestone with KLM

Travelport achieves milestone with KLM

The new industry standard electronic miscellaneous document (EMD) has been used to make the first live booking by an agent of a KLM economy comfort seat via Travelport.

The booking was fulfilled via a Dutch agent for a customer travelling from Amsterdam to Beijing.

Currently in Alpha testing, this new functionality will be made available to Travelport-connected agents throughout the world in a phased introduction from next month.

Providing fulfillment via EMD completes the end-to-end process for agency distribution of airline ancillary services and forms part of Travelport’s wider merchandising offering.

The technology company has integrated ancillary services into agency points of sale for airlines including British Airways, Air Canada, Cimber Sterling and United in the last 16 months with more due this year.

Head of airline relationships for Europe Robin Ranken said: “We have enabled KLM to expand their offer and to deliver greater choice to agents and travellers.

“Retail techniques that were once considered the reserve of web and direct sales are now available to a new generation of agency points of sale’

“This is a major step forward in helping our airline customers grow their ancillary revenues through the agency channel.”

KLM sales and service vice president Carl Schelleman added: “We are delighted to have achieved this milestone and Travelport’s technology will enable Travelport-connected travel agents to book Economy Comfort seats without having to leave their usual booking environment.

“We look forward to working with Travelport further in developing additional merchandising solutions which will help us expand our global sales reach.”

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