Puregenie’s Oscar performance on Youtube to raise profile [Video]

With silent films all the rage, following the phenomenal success of The Artist, digital recruitment specialist Puregenie has jumped on the bandwagon.

The one-and-a-half minute Youtube video (below) features Puregenie director Ian Brooks asking random members of the public near its offices in London what they think Puregenie is.

Following a few failed attempts at getting the right answer the clip goes all Michel Hazanavicius with a black and white sequence starring Brooks’ appropriately dressed sidekick.

After a revamped logo with the words “Digital Recruitment” is added the video, like all the best Hollywood blockbusters, ends happily.

While it might not earn Puregenie any Oscar nominations, Brooks is hoping it will provide the UK travel community with a welcome distraction from the daily grind while raising awareness of Puregenie.

Brooks said the idea came from his new social media executive James Smith, a recruitment Puregenie made to mirror how its clients are also looking to bring in experts in the channel.

“The idea was not to make it look too professional or slick because the whole point was it was a bit of a self parody. We hoped this would give some clarity about what we do and thought it would do it in a fun way.

“I don’t think it’s going to go global, but if it has a bit of penetration within our market, which is digital and ecommerce professionals within the travel sector and outside, then I would be very happy. If it makes them smile after a hard week, that’s good to.”

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