Attraction World call centre tech partnership slashes waiting times, prompts expansion

New call centre technology has enabled Attraction World to halve its call-waiting times for agents.

The trade-only supplier said the system supplied by New Voice Media had reduced the average call-waiting time to 22 seconds.

The improved performance since the technology was introduced at the beginning of this year has meant Attraction World has not had to recruit more staff, even though it had budgeted to do so.

As a result, the firm is planning to extend operating hours to support homeworkers and stores that open late, said Russell Parr, IT director at the attraction ticketing specialist.

Parr said the firm’s tie-up with New Voice Media showed how technology could be used to improve performance in travel firms’ offline activities.

The 2012 Innovation Report produced by Travolution, which was published this week, reveals telecoms IT is the category of IT spend that is least invested in by the travel sector.

Parr said: “Everybody is thinking about what can be done on the web but, ultimately, when customers do need to speak to you, it’s important to have as good an experience.

“We hear horror stories about 20-minute call-waiting times, which is no good when you are sitting with a customer.”

The system rates all calls, and agency sales calls are given the highest priority.

Parr said: “It has resulted in us answering more calls and taking more bookings, especially for groups and tailor-made because it frees up time to deal with more complex bookings.”

Attraction World has seen a 30% increase in revenue on the back of just a 10% increase in call volumes.

Parr said the firm is also working in partnership with New Voice Media to develop a live chat functionality.

“We are one of three R&D partners for New Voice Media and we have a good relationship with them. They like to develop things based on consumer needs as opposed to just throwing darts at a board.

“It’s important that travel companies select partners they can work with to support their ongoing needs like we do with New Voice Media.”

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