Half of theme park tickets predicted to migrate to mobile

Theme park and attraction specialist Attraction World has predicted half of all tickets could be redeemed by mobile devices within two years.

The company is working with parks around the world to introduce ticketless entry to more excursions and attractions.

Siam Park and Loro Parque in Tenerife were among the first attractions to go live with ticketless entry via a barcode displayed on a mobile phone three months ago.

Attraction World sales and marketing director Tony Seaman said: “This is another step in the direction of a paperless world.

“It’s better for the environment, easier for customers as they don’t have to carry reams of paper on holiday with them and great for the attraction as they have quicker access to valuable customer data.”

But he said: “The main challenge to implementing this across the board is ensuring supplier technology is suitably advanced to be able to accept non-printed tickets.”

The potential already exists to offer in-resort sales as travel agents and tour operators improve their mid-travel communications with customers.

Seaman added: “We think it’s highly achievable that 50% of all tickets should be redeemable via this method within two years.

“It’s the way the world is moving and the travel industry has to keep up.”

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