Holiday Inn claims ‘augmented reality hotel’ first

Holiday Inn claims ‘augmented reality hotel’ first

Top athletes have been recruited to perform for a hi-tech campaign by official Olympics hotel provider Holiday Inn.

Smartphone or tablet users can see London 2012 Olympic stars in virtual action in the reception, corridors and bedrooms of the Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum.

The world’s first ‘augmented reality hotel’ features windsurfer Nick Dempsey ‘windsurfing’ in a bedroom with a bed sheet, BMX World Champion Shanaze Reade performing tricks on her bike in the lobby, Will Bayley hitting table tennis balls behind reception, and UK long-jump record holder Chris Tomlinson jumping in a corridor.

Guests will also be able to have their picture taken with all four of the athlete ‘auras’ and share it with friends and family via their social networks.

Dempsey said: “Standing here in the world’s first augmented reality hotel and having a photo taken with my virtual self is surreal.

“Being able to pick up your phone and see athletes appear as if they were right in front of you is unbelievable and a great way to get people excited about the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Holiday Inn spokesman Mike Greenup said: “The augmented reality gives guests a behind the scenes look at real athletes as they prepare for London 2012 in and around the hotel.”

People can watch the athletes come to life and the making of the world’s first augmented reality hotel at

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