Three stellar signings for Global Hotel Exchange as launch nears

Three stellar signings for Global Hotel Exchange as launch nears

Start-up free hotel content distributor Global Hotel Exchange is expecting to open customer bookings on March 15 after signing up some of the world’s most prestigious hotels.

Among the hotels that have added their inventory to the system prior to launch are The Waldorf Astoria, Trump International in Miami, and Gstaad Palace in Switzerland.

GHX estimates in total it has between 8,000 and 10,000 properties signed up including 1,000 by the California Lodging Industry Association and Independent Lodging Industry Association.

The concept is the brainchild of Magnuson Hotels founder Thomas Magnuson who told Travolution in November that GHX will exploit structural change in the hotel room distribution model.

“We are actually humbled by having been given the nod, so to speak, by hoteliers at the very pinnacle of what we all aspire to.

“These legendary hotels, and many others striving for excellence in hospitality worldwide, inspired us to create GHX.”

Marty Bussey, Trump International Beach Resort’s director of revenue management, said: “I am excited about the launch of GHX.

“Finally, an online booking partner that gives the hotel and the guest a direct interaction opportunity as opposed to receiving a reservation without the ability to communicate directly with the guest prior to their arrival.

“And if that isn’t phenomenal enough, it comes without the high margin costs associated with typical OTAs.”

GHX does not charge hotelier anything to distribute their inventory but will pass on the cost of distribution to the consumer charging $2.99.

Magnusson told Travolution the concept would prove to be a “growth vehicle in a non-growth environment”.

“There is increasingly product blur, lack of growth, high fixed costs and downward pricing pressure. We do not see any growth prospects either in north America or the UK. The only way we propose that hotel owners are going to regain any semblance of survival through future growth will be through cost reduction,” he said.

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