Travel firms urged to embrace mobile tech or risk falling behind

Travel firms urged to embrace mobile tech or risk falling behind

Travel businesses have been urged to move with the times and embrace mobile technology or face being left behind.

The call comes from the boss of travel software specialist Multicom who claims that consumers are no longer just looking for applications to advise and inform them but also to help them choose and even book their holidays.

Firms which ignore the growth potential of mobile technology could soon be left behind by those who embrace a multi-channel distribution strategy, warned company managing director John Howell.

“The ever increasing demand from consumers for mobile websites and apps to service their every need via their smartphone or tablet means travel businesses have to move with the times,” he said.

“While iPads have been the more dominant mobile device and 60% of users have purchased travel products via their iPad, in 2012 the manufacture of smartphones will overtake that of PC’s or notebooks.

“The growth in demand will rise as more and more users want more and more functionality from their mobile devices.”

He added: “Consumers generally are becoming far more comfortable and confident with shopping through their mobile device.

“But ensuring the user experience is an engaging one is going to be crucial to your success in mobile conversions, even more so than the traditional online experience.

“Whether it is the complete package holiday or simple added extras such as car hire or venue tickets it has to be quick and easy.

“It’s therefore vital when developing a new system for mobile access that you make it as smooth and as easy a journey for the customer as you can.

“Get it right and you’ll be on to a winner, get it wrong and you will simply lose business to your competitors.”

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