Travel gets Tomorrow’s World treatment in Channel 4 reality show

Travel gets Tomorrow’s World treatment in Channel 4 reality show

Channel Four viewers in the UK will be offered a Tomorrow’s World vision of the future of travel this weekend in the reality TV show Home of the Future.

An ordinary family from Sheffield has had their home kitted out with the latest gadgets and gizmos and this Sunday the show will focus on how this will transform their free time.

Augmented reality travel guides on smartphone will be showcased as the way that consumers will choose their destination in the future and new forms of transport will be looked at.

The show has been co-funded by energy firm E.ON which is currently running a nationwide competition to find the next generation of energy saving devices.

A press release for the programmes states: “Viewers will find out about the way our holidays will continue to change with the years, as augmented reality travel guides on our smart phones take a greater role in picking the perfect holiday for our families and reduce the time we spend searching for our dream trip.

“Super-small hotel rooms will also take over the travel market whilst planes of tomorrow – built more like cruise ships – that promise to take you to Tokyo in a little over two hours will make far-flung destinations more accessible for all.”

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