Six agencies connect via SiteMinder

Six major online travel agencies around the world have been connected to make online bookings with hotels via distribution firm SiteMinder.

The OTAs include UK-based Hotel Shop UK and Travel Stay in addition to Spanish hotel booking site Atrapalo and Princeline Hong Kong.

Worldview, which specialises in hotels and serviced apartments in the UK and around the world, including the booking agents, and, is among the new signings.

Reservation software provider Inntopia, which powers sites such as Tourism Whistler’s, completes the line-up.

SiteMinder partnerships manager Duncan Waterman said: “Real time inventory can now be listed on all these sites and, in turn, bookings from these OTAs can be delivered directly back into hotels’ PMS and CRSs, removing the need for manual data entry and eliminating the risk of overbooking.

“These latest sites confirm we can offer hotels a breadth and depth of online booking networks that can grow their business.”

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