Traveltainment refocus promises more innovation

Traveltainment refocus promises more innovation

Extreme search technology developed by Amadeus-owned leisure travel technology specialist Traveltainment could arrive in the UK sooner than expected after a review of the business.

In November it was announced that Traveltainment was ‘refocusing’ its UK presence, although it said it would be retaining a UK office. The firm is based in Peterborough.

New Amadeus UK managing director Diane Bouzebiba said the decision had been taken for Traveltainment to refocus its attention in the German market where it was developed.

Here it enjoys significant market share and other markets have taken its technology platform and adapted it to their requirements.

However, in the future UK customers of Amadeus will be offered a suite of leisure products that will include Traveltainment but also other leisure products available from Amadeus.

Bouzebiba said: “There will be Amadeus UK with a leisure strategy with Amadeus and Traveltainment technology.

“It means Amadeus UK has access to and the possibility of getting products from the whole Amadeus portfolio for UK customers.”

“It becomes more understandable for UK customers to say I’m working with Amadeus. It will be more simple now.”

Asked if she thought this might mean extreme search will come to the UK more quickly Bouzebiba said: “I’m certainly hoping so.”

Extreme Search offers a more intelligent criteria-based search and is currently on trial with Nordic leisure agent Etraveli after Lufthansa pioneered the airline version.

The changes in the UK will see Traveltainment managing director Andrew Nicholson working more closely and collaboratively with Bouzebiba’s teams based in Crawley and Heathrow.

Nicholson said: “We still have UK customers and we will still have an operation supporting the new global product.

“We have identified that the global product will be better for consumers, especially those in multiple markets.

“The UK booking technology will migrate across to the global product and that will provide opportunity for existing and new partners and customers.

“If you are a Traveltainment customer you will still get a Traveltainment product, if you are an Amadeus customer you will get access to a suite of products.”

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