UK agents in line for new Amadeus white label mobile tech after Benelux test

New mobile technology developed by Amadeus will be launched in the UK later this year following trials with three travel agencies in the Benelux region.

The white label solution will make it easier for agents to stay in touch with their customers be they leisure or business travellers and to allow them to manage their travel on the move.

New Amadeus UK managing director Diane Bouzebiba said she thought there was room in the market for mobile solutions provided by the GDSs and by third party developers.

“Technology is moving very quickly and if any agencies can take a product they can customise to fit their workload and configure the application for their business they would prefer to do that.

“Because this is a new business opportunity they are looking to work with experts who can tell them how it can make a difference to their businesses.

“We believe there is room for us and third parties but where we think there really is a difference is agents are looking for a solution that’s robust and that they know will evolve.

“The mobile solution allows the managed traveller to stay in touch with their travel agency or be sent offers or information about things like flight delays. We are really excited about it.”

The mobile product will be tweaked for UK requirements, one change being the ability to accept debit card payments without incurring a charge, something not applicable for the test agencies.

Bouzebiba said the mobile roll-out will be one of the first to benefit from a new approach Amadeus has brought in to regionalise its products and services.

She said she hoped this approach of taking a global product but enabling regional headquarters to adapt it to local requirements will help speed up time to market for new developments.

“What’s really exciting is sitting down with our customers and saying how can this be really relevant for your customers, almost adopting a consultative approach,” said Bouzebiba.

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