reveals Facebook affiliate program reveals Facebook affiliate program has unveiled an innovative affiliate program for Facebook allowing page owners to earn commission through the Hotels WithMe app it launched in the UK in 2010.

The new program has been devised with its app partner and social shopping specialists Columbus Internet and has gone live in the UK, Italy, France, Sweden and Germany.

The partners on the project claim this is a pioneering attempt to open up affiliate marketing opportunities on the world’s largest social networking site.

Hotels WithMe enables Facebook ‘friends’ on the social networking site to collaborate on hotel bookings.

Now affiliate partners can add the app to their pages and benefit from any bookings made through it. The affiliate program is being managed by AffiliatePerformance GmbH.

Through the AffiliatePerformance management tool Facebook affiliates can track performance.

Josie Shah, director of partner marketing at, said: “The launch of the affiliate program utilising the app is a unique innovation for, and one we are pleased to be spearheading.

“The use of this app through Facebook pages will be of particular interest to those championing sports events, bands or concert tours as it can be pre-set with default dates and locations to match multiple tour dates.

“This offers a useful service to fans of the Facebook page as well as great commission opportunities for the owner.”

Andrew Sittermann, chief executive of Columbus Internet, added: “This is not only the first real affiliate program to sit within Facebook, it is also a way for Facebook pages to significantly increase interaction with visitors to their pages.”

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