TTE 2012: Evolvi reveals ‘new generation’ rail platform

TTE 2012: Evolvi reveals ‘new generation’ rail platform

A new generation of an online rail booking and fulfilment platform for UK travel management companies has been unveiled by Evolvi Rail Systems.

Functionality improvements as part of the ‘evolvi-ng’ system include pre-trip approval and instant ticket-on-departure collection.

Easier multiple-journey booking is claimed with the ability to create “open jaw” trips and multi-sector itineraries.

A mobile full-capability application has been introduced to enable journeys to be booked on the move while providing access to four fulfilment options.

Evolvi managing director Ken Cameron said: “We have listened very carefully to our TMC customers and have added new functionality in tune with the needs of business travel professionals, procurement specialists and, of course, corporate travellers.

“It incorporates a whole host of new features and enhancements, including adding mobile access to create the market’s most comprehensive range of rail booking and fulfilment channels.

“These developments add value right across the board – for TMCs, for businesses and for individuals.

“Critically, evolvi-ng offers corporate travellers ultimate flexibility in collecting tickets – more than any other rail booking and fulfilment provider – and now we are adding a fully-functioning app to make life even easier on the move.”

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