TTE 2012: Marin to launch tracking tech after successful beta trial

TTE 2012: Marin to launch tracking tech after successful beta trial

Marin Software will launch new cross-platform marketing campaign tracking technology following a period of closed beta with travel clients.

The marketing management software specialist said Universal Channels is due to launch in the second half of the year.

Rebecca Momberg, lead product consultant EMEA, said Marin has been working closely with strategic travel customers like to develop its offering.

“We really want to branch out into mobile, tablets and re-targeting,” she said.

Momberg said Universal Channels will allow customers to track their digital marketing campaigns internationally and the enhanced tracking capabilities will also help firms with attribution.

“We show you exactly what’s going on with your campaigns. You can analyse that by keywords and how they are performing so you can make a global decision about what to do with those keywords.

“This is about looking at trends and the impact that activity on one channel is having on another so that each have their fair share of value attributed.

“It might be that retargeting is making your search campaign more efficient. With everything in one place you can infer what activity is driving another.”

Another product in development and also in closed beta is Marin Next. This is a recommendation tool that will suggest to customers tweaks they ought to make to their campaigns.

Momberg said this should be particularly valuable to travel clients due to the long-tail nature of search in the sector.

The system aggregates data Marin has from its full spectrum of clients to analyse what is and what is not working.

“It can pick up keywords that people search for that you do not necessarily have in your account. It has been really well received,” said Momberg.

“We were a bit cautious because we did not want to be seen to be telling agencies how to do their jobs.”

A third area of development for Marin is to open up its systems so they integrate with other technology providers in areas it does not specialise in.

Tom Collin, vice president, sales EMEA, said: “This is about openness and the ability to integrate with other technology within the ecosystem.

“We can do that in a structured way or a customised way. Our preference is to do it in a structured way.

“As we expand globally we are coming across requirements to do that locally because our customers have their own local technology.”

This centralising of data will allow marketing executives to have a full overview of the effectiveness all their marketing activities in one dashboard.

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