Cheapflights identifies traits based on smartphone choice

Cheapflights identifies traits based on smartphone choice has put together an infographic identifying key traits and practices of individuals based on their smartphone choice.

More than 700 people took part in the comparison of Blackberry, iPhone and Android Phone users, with the results concluding that iPhone users were the most romantic, Android users the most adventurous and Blackberry users the biggest spenders on holiday.

Nadine Hallak, travel expert at, said: “It might seem like just a bit of fun, but in an age where people are so brand driven, the type of mobile you carry really does provide an insight into aspects of your personality. We took this thinking a step further and applied it to travel behaviour, which enabled us to determine the type of traveller a user is, based on their choice of mobile phone.”

Among many revealing stats, the study found that 14 million hours per year that are spent searching for flights while at work, with Blackberry users spending 38 per cent more time searching for flights during working hours than either iPhone or Android users.

Android users were found to be the ‘techiest’, while iPhone users have a big appetite for fun, risk and romance – although they are also the most likely group to take calls from work while on holiday.

The full infographic is available to view on their website.

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