TTE Preview: ETTSA to extol the virtues of GDS travel distribution

GDS-powered distribution of travel product will be held up as the best way to offer travellers the choice and transparency they demand at this year’s Travel Technology Europe show.

The lobby group European Technology and Travel Services Association (ETTSA) will have a presence at the annual show that will take place in Earl’s Court on February 7-8.

The ETTSA will present its views on travel distribution in a session in the Travelport Live seminar theatre at midday on February 7.

Christoph Klenner, ETTSA’s secretary general, said: “Independent travel distribution powered by GDSs is the only channel that can give travellers the kind of transparency and choice they’re looking for.

“I look forward to debunking myths and misconceptions about travel technology in my presentation at Travel Technology Europe.

“The internet revolutionised travel booking – the independent travel distribution sector continues to innovate and offer creative, cost-effective solutions, from mobile applications and self-booking tools, to full intermodal travel planning and booking.”

Klenner said the session will underline how GDS technology stands up against emerging business models.

He will also shed light on how US and European regulators are looking at the current travel distribution landscape, and which regulatory challenges and opportunities lie ahead.

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