TTE Preview: Lowcostholidays to work with Qubit

TTE Preview: Lowcostholidays to work with Qubit has hired a specialist firm to track consumer behaviour on their site to identify optimisation opportunities.

A new behavioural attribution tool from website optimisation company QuBit tracks the relative value of inbound traffic sources across multiple visits by a single user.

This marks a move away from the first/last click model of established attribution tools and provides a much more “nuanced view” of the value of marketing spend, QuBit claims.

The firm will capture and analyse data about each website visit in order to identify patterns of user behaviour. This information will then be used to improve on-site performance rates through recommendations and testing plans based on the actual insight into real consumer behaviour.

By identifying patterns of behaviour that typify the most profitable on-site customers, QuBit aims to identify ways of encouraging similar behaviour by other users in a bid to drive increased conversions and profitability.

“This insight is based on QuBit’s unique ability to track the entire user journey, rather than just page-level activity, creating a new level of insight into site performance optimisation,” a spokesman said.

Lowcostholidays head of partner marketing Hannah Pitman said: said “As one of the fastest growing travel brands in the market, we want to use our data to ensure our customers have the best possible experience.

“QuBit are specialists in gaining insights from data and will help us to further optimise our website traffic and our customer’s online experience.”

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