Accessible travel organisations team up

Accessible travel organisation Tourism For All is teaming up with the global travel community on to access ultra local information for disabled travellers.

The aim is to find as many local people as possible with a knowledge of accessibility in their area to become ‘Tripbods’ and offer their local knowledge to visitors.

Tourism For All’s Carrie-Ann Fleming said: “It’s all about empowering truly independent travel. Connecting with a like-minded local Tripbod before you arrive means you get straight to the knowledge source you need.

“Disabled people already have all the knowledge they need gained from experiences, good or bad, to offer others with similar concerns invaluable local travel advice and information.”

The two organisations are ramping up their activity to make accessible travel core to the whole offering. founder Sally Broom says “You will see that every product we list on the website has an accessibility rating. We wanted to launch with this because we know it’s a central consideration for very many travellers who want to know if a particular activity is suitable for them.”

The move follows EasyJet being accused of two cases of discrimination against disabled travellers.

“These cases reflect poorly on the travel industry and we want to show another side of the story. 2012 is a massive year for travel in the UK and it would be both a shame and a failure if visitors are unable to enjoy fully their visit due to poor information,” said Broom.

Fleming added: “The initial focus of the partnership will be on recruiting Tripbods in the UK with a knowledge of local accessibility, but the existing Tripbod network is global and we are welcoming everyone everywhere with a passion for independent accessible travel to join us.

“What’s more, we will be offering simple and effective training for Tripbods who want to help disabled travellers but need a bit more advice and support.”

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