Travelsupermarket expands search facilities

Meta search site Travelsupermarket has ramped up its functionality in the air ticket area and is to include facilities to find fares based on stopovers and extra costs for luggage and meals.

Users will also be able to search for flights based on departure and arrivals times included in the new suite of services added to site, in addition to locating flight options similar fares.

Details on luggage and meals fees will be included in a new Flight Extras section next to each search result.

Travelsupermarket director Chris Nixon said: “We’re constantly enhancing the information that we give to our users so that they can be sure they are getting the most comprehensive, relevant and, above all, useful information possible to make an informed choice about who they want to book with.

“Visitors to our site will now be able to compare one flight against another, not just based on pricing, but with a complete set of details so they know what they are buying before the click through to book.”

The move comes six months after Travelsupermarket launched a meta search tool for package holidays.

Last week the company said it hoped to double the number of operator partnerships to 30.

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