Feefo four forge review site’s travel debut

Feefo four forge review site’s travel debut

Authenticated online reviews service Feefo has hailed its debut in the travel sector at this year’s World Travel Market by announcing four key signings.

Travolution revealed how Feefo, which to date has specialised in other retail sectors like fashion, was targeting the travel sector amid concerns about authenticity of reviews on leading sites like Tripadvisor.

Today it has announced that it has signed up to work with four leading travel firms including Telegraph Travel, On The Beach, ATD Travel Services – parent of tickets specialist dosomethingdifferent.com – and private members’ deals club Voyage Privee.

The deals mean the service has already collated 1,000 reviews in just two months for travel products, the first sector to be given its own dedicated channel and website by Feefo.

Andrew Mabbutt, Feefo managing director, said: “We’re not here to put the boot into TripAdvisor, we’re simply here to offer the solution to the problem.

“There are so many companies out there that have been damaged by reviews. We’re here to work with the travel industry and give them an opportunity to protect their brand in an honest and transparent way.

“Judging by the volume of both new and interested clients, the travel sector is likely to become one of the most significant for us in 2012 and beyond.

“Of course, while this is good for businesses, it’s also a vital tool for consumers. If you are looking to book a holiday in 2012 and the credit crunch means your purse strings are tighter than ever, you want to get it right.

“Companies that use Feefo are letting you see the feedback warts and all so you can finally make an informed choice about your holiday destination.”

The Feefo system allows its clients to request immediate feedback from customers via retailer-branded email once a product has been delivered and/or consumed.

It has a useful feedback function that means any customer that rates the product or service as poor has to give a reason, which generates an automated email to the firm informing it of the review and prompting it to respond.

Feefo clients are encouraged to respond to all negative feedback and by doing so can better manage their online reputations.

Mabbutt added: “What we are creating here is an environment where authentic reviews rule the roost – good and bad. It’s simply about how you handle this information.

“We have clients who have had their eyes opened by bad reviews and done something positive about it; improving their service to the public and showing that they take their concerns seriously.”

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