Tomato sites introduce digital magazine

Tomato sites introduce digital magazine

Luxury travel and lifestyle websites Black Tomato and Beach Tomato have issued a new online lifestyle magazine.

Called PINCH, the digital publication contains editorial features including opinion pieces, reviews, photo galleries, videos, tips and insider information.

Company owner and co-founder Tom Marchant hopes it will continue to “raise the standard” for travel-inspired lifestyle editorial and insight.

“The crux of the magazine’s concept is summed up by the tag line, ‘this world, that pinch of inspiration’ and is a place for us to share our insider finds and enthusiasm about the world,” he said. “Ultimately, we want it to be a place of inspiration.

“We have always been committed to writing a lot of editorial for Black Tomato’s website, so launching PINCH magazine felt like a natural progression of what we do and a way for us to continue championing creative cutting-edge experiences around the world through a different outlet.”

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