Agency group jumps on QR code bandwagon – but is it too late?

Agency group jumps on QR code bandwagon – but is it too late?

Traditional high street travel agency chain Advantage Travel Centres has introduced Quick Response (QR) codes to its window displays just as commentators predict their demise.

The codes are being used by for the first time by the consortium as part of their ‘We add…’ turn of year campaign.

The smartphone-readable codes will link to the Advantage ‘Love Your Travel Agent’ website for customers to access the agency’s latest holiday offers.

The move by Advantage could be seen as a little late however, given the belief in tech circles that QR codes are soon to be replaced by more effective technologies that are designed explicitly for mobiles.

QR codes were originally created to register the contents of boxes for stock control and as such do not always live up to the ‘quick’ in their name, unlike newer mobile-specific technologies such as near-field communication (NFC) chips.

The codes are to appear on large window banners in around 450 Advantage high street locations across the country, with the aim of giving consumers 24-hour access to the most up-to-date deals for the destination or holidays featured on the banner.

Mark Rowe, head of marketing services at Advantage Travel Centres, said: “Members are keen to see how well QR codes are used and see it as a proactive step to increase consumers’ access to the holidays we offer.”

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