ShopQwik adds new tools to mobile service

Mobile phone travel tool ShopQwik is to launch its next suite of products – airport taxis and congestion charge payments – for handsets following its initial success this year.

The company unveiled its flights, hotel and package holiday booking system for mobiles in July this year after signing deals with 25 airlines, including BMI Baby, EasyJet and AirBerlin, plus Transhotel and Broadway Travel.

The congestion charge payment and airport taxi booking tools will be available next week, Mark Tynan from ShopQwik told Travolution.

A facility to allow users to book theatre tickets will also be launched in the coming weeks.

Initially the software for handsets was downloaded from the ShopQwik site, but the system is now available direct to handsets from a secure site.

A dedicated version of the software has been developed for Nokia’s E61 and E62 business phones.

The airport taxi booking tool will operate via

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