Pegasus Solutions launches OpenFlex

Pegasus Solutions launches OpenFlex

Technology specialist for the hospitality industry, Pegasus Solutions, has launched the first product to emanate from its recent acquisition of long-time partner Open Hospitality.

OpenFlex is a mobile website design solution developed to ensure hoteliers adapt their online presence for mobile devices.

David Millili, chief executive officer of Open Hospitality and chief web officer for Pegasus Solutions, said: “Displaying a desktop version of a special offer website on a handheld smartphone has the potential to frustrate the consumer, who won’t book as a result.

“OpenFlex, combined with our powerful mobile booking engine, instead allows mobile bookers to quickly access promotional information through their preferred point of contact, and even allows them to add extra items to their room booking such as food and beverages or event tickets.”

Pegasus hopes the new system will allow its hotel clients to take advantage of the rapid increase in mobile traffic to travel websites.

Millili added: “Some in the industry expect the number of guests who will start booking travel via mobile will double to 15.1 million in 2012.

“The time is right to expand our focus on the growth of online mobile purchases as well as social media access.

“At the hotel, it’s all about creating comfort in the stay. In selling, it’s all about creating comfort in the booking process with the same revenue-generating features the hotel is accustomed to providing via desktop versions of their website.”

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