launches mobile platform launches mobile platform

Travel advice and insider tips on the move are being provided through a mobile application created by online travel resource

Content is sourced from a global network of local experts who cover 36,679 business and 4,025 travel events in 41 countries across six continents.

The free My Destination app gives users access to up-to-date and local information from its global website.

A ‘Near me Now’ feature delivers to travellers data on restaurants, hotels, activities, events and businesses that are in the immediate vicinity of their location.

The latest information on weather, flight details and special offers is also available.

The mobile platform has been developed using HTML5 and CSS3 together with the latest touch-optimized framework for smartphones and tablets – jQuery Mobile.

It means the application is now available without needing to be downloaded from an App store and can take advantage of local storage capability, location functionality and compression-optimised technology to make sure the bandwidth used to deliver up-to-date content is kept to a minimum, according to the company.

The app will also soon be available as a “native” iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry app that can be downloaded from the relevant app store. co-founder Neil Waller said: “People don’t just need expert travel advice to plan a trip; they need it when they get there too.

“Our new app promises to give the most local, most up-to-date tips and advice, all given by someone who is a passionate resident expert who lives and breathes the place you’re visiting.”

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