EasyJet ‘viral’ fails to take off

EasyJet ‘viral’ fails to take off

A YouTube video promoting easyJet’s partnership with reward card Nectar has had commenting disabled after a flurry of negative posts by users.

Within minutes of the video gaining some attention, numerous users had posted their not entirely positive opinions of the video which Nectar had hoped would “go viral”.

After an overwhelmingly scathing and largely non-publishable response, commenting was eventually turned off by the NectarOfficial channel and the offending posts removed.

Touted as a ‘viral’ and distributed by Stunning PR under the headline ‘Nectar Covers Everything with EasyJet’, the video features two actors dressed as cabin crew undressing on an underground train to reveal wetsuits, as bemused passengers look on.

Before the comments were removed, one YouTube user wrote: “This is so painful I can barely watch. Good job there’s no signal on the underground so the virus won’t spread too far”.

Another comment stated: “Somewhere, a trendy social media type is being brow beaten by a middle-aged marketing manager…”.

In the press release that accompanies the video, James Frost, marketing director at Nectar, said:

“It’s important to remind cardholders that they can pay for the flight, taxes and surcharges using Nectar points, or use a combination of Nectar points and cash.

“In the current economic climate this is a great way to be savvy, make your money work harder and have a great holiday at the same time.”

The video currently has 1,856 views on YouTube; suggesting easyJet and Nectar are on track to become the latest to commit the cardinal sin of touting a viral campaign before it actually goes viral.

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