hails move to the cloud hails move to the cloud is claiming end user response times have been cut by 20% as a result of a move of its systems to cloud-based infrastructure.

IT hardware spend has also been more than halved as the company has taken advantage of the superior network and architecture around the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

The business is claiming “industry-leading” response times for the website, faster introduction of new technologies, increased focus on customers, smoother operating expenditure and flexible working offered to its Kent-based team.

Chief marketing technology officer Nilan Peiris said: “This move was prompted by our business strategy and the vision of developing hassle-free customer technology.

“Our senior management team and the board of directors agreed that Amazon Web Services would allow us to transform our business model while improving agility across the company.

“We have reduced our capital spend by more than half – and moved this from depreciating capital expenditure to a scalable operating expense.

“Historically we spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on hardware and software that was needed to support our peak volume. We now have an IT spend that scales elastically with volume as a cost of sale. This gives us money and time to focus more on our customers.”

He added: “The technical teams at worked tirelessly to ensure there was as little disruption to the business as possible during the move, and the whole company is now reaping the rewards. Technology is no longer a blocker for growth.”

Amazon EU senior sales support manager Iain Gavin said: “ has demonstrated how a mid-size company can move onto the cloud and, not only save money, but also use technology to offer their customers a superior user experience.”

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