Behavioural email campaign boost for Monarch

Monarch Airlines claims to have attracted more than 6,000 bookings in two months through a specialised email campaign.

The airline used data of booking trends captured from flight searches to 18 airports and 23 holiday destinations rather than a scattergun approach.

For each of the chosen destinations three templates were devised, each incorporating dynamic content, specifically relevant to the destination the user had searched. All emails were automated.

The average open rate for the campaign was 56.53%, reaching more than 70% on several occasions, according to email marketing specialist RedEye which conducted the campaign.

It achieved a click to sale conversion of more than 6%, generating over 6,000 bookings or almost 100 bookings a day.

The average click through rate was 34.37%, reaching 44.62%, and the ROI for the campaign reached 17,257%.

Monarch direct marketing manager Liam Gibson said: “Incorporating online search activity into a behavioural email campaign has provided us with the perfect way to communicate with our customers during a key season.

“Working with RedEye has allowed us to not only generate a huge amount of sales, but also enables us to provide an excellent service, sending emails containing information relevant to each individual user.

“Compared to the general abandoned booking campaign we ran last year, we’ve increased ROI by 263%.”

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