Multicom adds cancel and amend feature to agent platform

Travel software specialist Multicom is to introduce a new cancel and amend feature to its FindandBook (FaB) booking platform.

The firm claimed agents could make “huge” potential savings by utilising online technology to help change bookings rather than spending time on the telephone dealing with call centres.

The new functionality will allow travel agents to make instant changes, cutting down the amount of time they spend phoning call centres.

Multicom managing director John Howell said: “The development of a simple online cancel and amend feature for FaB will lead to huge potential savings for agents.

“It will enable them to make simple changes to existing bookings without spending hours and hours on the phone to call centres waiting to speak to an operative to make minor alterations to a booking.

“We are confident agents will welcome this development and soon see the huge benefits both to them and their customers, providing them with a more efficient, cheaper and customer friendly service.”

The five most common booking amendments are a change of name, a change of one or both dates, change of accommodation, adding another passenger to the booking or adding a special request.

Sixth on the list is adding Advanced Passenger Information System (APIS) details, which can already be done online with the FaB system.

A leading multiple working with Multicom has calculated 75% of call centre contacts are enquiring about the cost of and making amendments to existing bookings.

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