Consumers offered MP3 walking tours

A new website for travellers to download complete guided tours of European cities has been launched in response to growing demand for mobile media for consumers. is aiming to differentiate itself from existing download products, such as those by Lonely Planet, by using a walking tour style narrative based on structured tours around a city.

The first cities to be available include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Vienna, Rome and Florence.

User will be able to download a map and a printable version of the guide. Each city tour includes walking guides of local museums and galleries.

Founder Simon Brooke said: “I was wandering around with my nose stuck in a guidebook and kept missing things and bumping into people.

“I thought it would be great to hear about what I was seeing, rather than just reading about it”.

The initiative follows a similar move by Tourist Tracks earlier this year, which has concentrated only on UK cities.

Brooke added: “We’ve had great feedback from tourist boards and city marketing departments who are delighted with an exciting new way to see their principle cities and we’re open to suggestions to focus on during our next wave, possibly including the UK too.”

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