HomeAway makes it mark on Holiday Rentals

UK home letting company Holiday Rentals has overhauled its website and advertiser strategy following its acquisition by Texas-based HomeAway last year.

The development marks a major step forward for the UK site – Holiday-rentals.co.uk – and is part of a wider strategy by HomeAway to create the largest network of holiday home rental sites on the web.

Four of HomeAway’s US sites will now take feeds of content from the Holiday Rentals site in the UK, greatly expanding the potential to reach overseas consumers.

In future the HomeAway network – including the recently launched HomeAway site in Spain – will be able to offer local advertisers a global deal.

Consumers will be given access to the network of sites through a complex search facility across all the sites, which also features the A1Vacations.com, CyberRentals.com and GreatRentals.com.

From this week the Holiday Rentals site will include the functionality of its US HomeAway counterpart, although it will retain its existing branding.

HomeAway European managing director Alexis de Belloy admitted to Travolution that the Holiday Rentals site had become “cluttered” in recent years but the overhauled site would still allow a range of new functions to be included in the coming months.

“We have preserved a few of the good things but we have cleaned up the site,” de Belloy said. “For advertisers we now have the ability to give them the largest amount of visibility with minimum effort.”

It is hoped the consumer search facility for the entire network will be available to UK consumers on Holiday Rentals by the end of the year.


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