Webloyalty flies into Spain and Italy with Ryanair

Webloyalty flies into Spain and Italy with Ryanair

Ryanair has become the launch client for discount and reward scheme provider Webloyalty as it expands into Spain and Italy.

The US company has been working with Ryanair in the UK, France and Germany since 2009 to help the airline increase revenue by driving repeat business to its online booking services.

The programme will launch in Spain under the name ‘Privilegios en Compras’ and in Italy as ‘Acquisti e Risparmi’, offering cashback and savings of up to 10% at a range of online retailers.

Members will also benefit from an initial €10 cashback cheque from Webloyalty when they make another booking with Ryanair. Ongoing rewards include a €10 cashback cheque each month towards Ryanair fares.

A 30-day free trial will allow passengers to test the service, which normally costs €12 a month.

Webloyalty launched in the UK in 2007 with its Shopper Discounts & Rewards programme before expanding into France in 2008 with ‘Remises & Réductions’ and into Germany in 2010 with ‘Shoppen und Sparen’.

Managing director Guy Chiswick said: “Our model will help Ryanair and other online businesses in Spain and Italy to reward their loyal customers whilst providing a revenue stream and repeat business to their web pages.

“By partnering with Webloyalty we ensure minimal effort is required by them to implement the programme.

“In Europe, we have demonstrated that our model works well in the UK, Germany and France. We are continuing to build on this success and now expand our reach into both Spain and Italy which have a thriving e-commerce sector.”

Ryanair chief operating officer Michael Cawley added: “Now, in partnership with Webloyalty across five European markets, even more of our passengers can choose to join Webloyalty’s membership programmes and save more with ongoing discounts.”

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