Amadeus climbs EU’s research investment table

Amadeus climbs EU’s research investment table

Leading GDS Amadeus has been recognised in the annual European Commission report into research and development activity.

The EU Industrial R&D Investment Scoreboard ranked 1,000 firms in Europe on the basis of the total amount they invested in 2010 in research and development.

Amadeus topped the tables for total investment in computer services and travel and tourism, having committed £326 million to developing new products.

The firm also increased its overall ranking to 67, up from 78 on the previous year’s report.

Amadeus said it has ploughed on average 14.4% of revenues into research and development each year, constituting a total R&D spend of £1.6 billion since 2004.

Jean-Paul Hamon, executive vice president of development at Amadeus, said: “We have a proven track record in innovating, with pioneering travel industry products and initiatives. R&D remains central to our progression as a large-scale technology leader.”

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