Travelport and TravelSky partner on airline tech development

Travelport and TravelSky partner on airline tech development

Travelport has struck a “milestone” joint airline technology development deal with a long–term Chinese partner.

Teams expert in airline hosting and related technologies will work in the US and China, enhancing the 15 year relationship between Travelport and TravelSky Technology.

The agreement is focused on advanced passenger service systems technology for airlines worldwide.

TravelSky executive vice president Huang Yuan Chang said: “TravelSky has never before signed a development agreement of this magnitude with any GDS or airline vendor and as such it is a major milestone.

“It is a significant evolution in our longstanding technology partnership with Travelport, and it comes at a critical time for airlines worldwide.

“By coupling the resources, expertise and global presence of our companies, we will be able to accelerate the delivery of highly relevant solutions like this for our customers in China and throughout the world.

“We are optimistic that this step forward with Travelport will lead to additional passenger service systems co-development in the future.”

Travelport airline IT solutions group president and managing director Derek Sharp said: “Airlines are constantly looking for more effective IT solutions to meet new operational, customer service and industry requirements.

“Travelport and TravelSky are committed to developing this first module for our global airline clients to demonstrate how our technology solutions will allow airlines to evolve their business models going forward to compete more effectively in their respective regions around the globe.”

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