Dolphin offers web publishing with Telerik tie-up

Dolphin offers web publishing with Telerik tie-up

Travel technology specialist Dolphin Dynamics has integrated its booking engine with a web publishing system to give customers greater freedom to design and update their own sites.

Dolphin believes the tie-up with Telerik is unique. It claims it offers a more flexible solution than white-labelling, is more cost-effective and does not need specialist XML/API integration.

The partnership was due to be unveiled in mid-October, with Dolphin Dynamics believing it would primarily appeal to medium to large-sized firms.

“Conventionally, a booking engine is delivered as one solution, but we have taken the approach of breaking it down into a variety of components and integrating it into a tool that allows our customers to build their own websites,” said Roberto Da Re, president of Dolphin Dynamics.

“We are trying something new where you do not have the limitations of white label but don’t have to start from scratch with XML.”

Dolphin chose Telerik for the project on the back of its Sitefinity content management system, which it believes is a market leader.

Da Re said the .net-based technology would allow customers to migrate their own existing design work and retain current relationships with their web design agencies or use an approved Dolphin agency.

“We are not a digital media agency; there are experts that specialise in SEO, marketing and design,” he added.

To support the tie-up, Dolphin is developing travel widgets, the first being a map-based search function offering filtering on a country, region city or even suburb level.

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