Flight Centre rolls out Travelport Universal Desktop

Flight Centre has started upgrading the desktop tools used by its travel consultants with the introduction of Travelport’s Universal Desktop.

The Australian agency group, with more than 2,000 shops and businesses in 11 countries, has started using the single platform travel content, pricing and travel management technology in Queensland following pilot programmes in key markets around the world.

Expansion of the system will include the rest of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK, then the remainder of the global Flight Centre network.
The agency group’s managing director Graham Turner said: “Flight Centre has enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship with Travelport over the past 25 and more years. 

“The latest iteration of that relationship is the launch of Universal Desktop to our agents around the world, which is one of our key business strategies globally.

“We are proud to be first to market with a tool that will dynamically reshape how travel is booked at our agency, and greatly redefine the overall retail experience for our customers.”

Travelport CEO and president Gordon Wilson added: “Travelport’s collaboration with Flight Centre to launch Travelport Universal Desktop is a big step forward in delivering the technology tools necessary for the future needs of all of our agency community like Flight Centre, irrespective of their size or orientation.”

The company is “actively working” with a number of beta customers across the globe to complete the next phase of validation and completion of in market testing prior to a broader rollout.

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