I Spy to be official Google Analytics Premium reseller

Travel digital marketing agency I Spy Marketing has become one of the UK’s first accredited resellers of Google Analytics Premium.

Analytics Premium, which is thought to have been in testing for a year with Travelocity and other online retailers, offers firms 24/7 analytics support, processing and service guarantees for an annual fee.
I Spy said Analytics Premium was a step forward for analytics and will provide “advanced attribution modeling techniques” as well as intelligence into how different channels interact.

Jim Brigden, chief executive of I Spy Marketing, said:  “Crucially, Analytics Premium is going to be priced at a cheaper price point than the rest of its top-of-the-market competitors, and also has the added benefit of having no unexpected or unplanned pricing extras.”

Brigden said the tool was developed for Adwords as well as Dart For Advertisers (DFA), something that will benefit search marketers meaning a more seamless integration with existing systems. 
“As an agency we understand a client’s broader marketing objectives. Analytics Premium is an excellent addition to the range of analytics technologies available for us to select the right tool that will help each individual client maximise their marketing investment,” added Brigden.

The other UK accredited agencies are ConversionWorks and ivantage. Current Google Analytics Premium is only available in the UK, Canada and the US.

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