Bidango brings auction model to holiday rentals

A holiday rental auction website offering discounts of up to 60% on worldwide rental homes has been unveiled.

Bidango, created by holiday rental company which represents more than 25,000 properties in 85 countries, claims to be the only deals site of its kind.

With no agency commissions, which are typically between 20%-40%, Bidandgo claims that a further 20%-30% saving on certain weeks can be achieved by dealing direct with accommodation owners.

The self-catering property rental auction portal enables users to search available auction lots by location, date, theme or ‘lots ending soonest’.

They register to bid and then continue to bid as high as they like to ensure success. Homeowners register the details of their property, set a minimum price, a ‘buy it now’ rate and time period for the auction lot to run.

When the lot has finished, Bidango alerts the homeowner as to who the winning bidder is. joint chief executive Sean Collins said: “The self-catering market globally is worth circa $100 billion annually and yet no destination website exists focusing on the best available deals. 

“We see this as a global market opportunity that is wanted to by homeowners and holidaymakers alike. Our research and consumer feedback is telling us that that Bidango is arriving at exactly the right moment.

“We intend to soft launch until the end of October to allow us to adapt to the early user experiences and then we will be investing heavily in the growth of this exciting venture.”

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