Websites losing out by not integrating loyalty, says Maxymiser

Increased loyalty and repeat bookings online can be achieved by integrating reward programmes into the core booking functionality, according to a white paper released by Maxymiser.

The performance management specialist claims too many firms are still keeping their loyalty schemes in spate silos from the mainstream booking process.

This is the case, despite the “endless opportunities” that exist “to adapt the experience for each individual traveller and effectively target visitors with the most relevant content and offers”.

Although loyalty programmes give firms valuable data about their customers it is more likely to be used to streamline the booking process by pre-filling forms than as part of the sales process.

And it is this trend towards personalisation of the online offering that Maxymiser claims will become increasingly important an is already being used effectively by some travel companies.

The white paper uses Bmibaby as a case study. It said its website “uses real-time personalisation by targeting visitors with featured destinations on their home page based upon the geographical region for a visitor.

“By targeting visitors, the customer saw a 34% increase in clicks on the featured destination, along with a 4% uplift in bookings.”

The full white paper entitled ‘Getting On Board With Online Travellers’ Needs’ is available now to be downloaded from the Maxymiser website.

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