Amadeus and SITA team up for baggage tracking service

Amadeus has developed a real-time baggage tracking service for its Altea suite in collaboration with air transport tech firm SITA

Research by SITA shows that 29.4 million bags were delayed on arrival last year, estimated to have cost airlines a total of $2.94 billion.

IATA has outlined a $1.2 billion savings target for 2012, to be achieved through the deployment of self-service bag tagging and the development of baggage tracking solutions.
The Altéa Baggage Tracking solution is based on the integration of SITA’s baggage messaging technology – SITA BagMessage – with the passenger and baggage servicing capabilities of Amadeus Altéa Departure Control.

SITA BagMessage is used by more than 500 airlines and almost 200 major airports.

Amadues promises the new system will allow airlines to provide passengers with real-time status updates regarding the location of their baggage through multiple channels. Its first phase will cover baggage location across 54 airports, with a second phase set to add precise information on baggage for load and balance control.
Amadeus airline IT vice president Julia Sattel said: “The airport itself is one of the last frontiers in delivering the ‘total trip experience’.

“If airlines are to overcome this challenge, it is important that they address the issue of mishandled baggage, which is a persistent problem for the industry and a very disruptive issue for passengers.

“In fact it’s an area where technology can make a real difference, and Amadeus’ and SITA’s vision for the airport is to deliver solutions based on collaboration and data sharing between all relevant parties, including airlines, airports and ground handlers.

“Our work with SITA shows how sophisticated technology can deliver real improvements to the passenger experience.”

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