Marin app links search campaigns to Salesforce

Online advertising management firm Marin Software has unveiled an app that links advertisers’ paid search programmes to their Salesforce CRM systems.

The firm claims the app, available through the Salesforce-owned AppExchange marketplace, will help advertisers run more effective online campaigns and track them more closely.

The app allows customers to view the effectiveness of Google, Yahoo!, and Bing paid search campaigns, and optimize creative and keyword bidding based on conversion data drawn from Salesforce.

Company CEO Christopher Lien said:  “In the past, advertisers ran paid search campaigns to generate leads and manually entered those leads into a separate system, making it cumbersome to track completed sales back to the original lead.

“Through Marin’s Salesforce connector on the AppExchange, customers can now automatically exchange data between two secure systems and track the efficacy of their paid search programs within Salesforce.”

The announcement was made at the ninth annual cloud computing show Dreamforce 2011 in San Francisco.

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