HRS offers hoteliers negative review response service

European hotel portal HRS is giving hoteliers the opportunity to respond to critical comments by guests.

The move is part of an enhanced points-based hotel evaluation system which includes written feedback. 

The option to respond to published comments is a move called for by HOTREC, the European umbrella association for hotels, restaurants and cafes.
HRS is providing hoteliers with access to consumer reviews in a new “My Guest Evaluations” section of the Hotel Service Portal.

Hoteliers are also alerted by e-mail as soon as a new comment about their establishment has been published or at timed intervals.

Guests mark hotels in 14 criteria on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (very good) so the average values for the hotel can be calculated.

Scores awarded more than two years previously are not included in the published average for the hotel and the average score does not show until five evaluations have been submitted.

Once at least five customer reviews have been received, HRS calculates an overall score for the hotel, which is displayed in a ‘hit list’ and gives the user a clear overview.

The reviews clearly show whether they have been submitted by private or business travellers, single people or couples, according to HRS.
HRS chief executive Tobias Ragge said: “Personal comments make the evaluation of the hotel even more helpful. They provide future hotel guests with an additional benefit and make it easier to choose a hotel.
“Every customer’s opinion counts. That’s why we advise hoteliers to take comments seriously and to respond both to critical and positive comments, the latter of which make up the majority of hotel evaluations on HRS.”

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