Galileo Desktop add-on ‘reduces keystrokes 15%’

Galileo Desktop add-on ‘reduces keystrokes 15%’

Travelport has launched a new add-on app to enhance the user interface of Galileo Desktop.

The app, Travelport Smartpoint, combines the tech giant’s Focalpoint ‘cryptic environment’ with point-and-click navigation and graphical interfaces.

Travelport claims the enhancements will help speed up the reservations process, reduce call handling time and improve the agent user experience.

The Smartpoint app allows agents to use commands from any GDS within a cryptic environment, which Travelport says dramatically reduces training needs.

Agents can use point-and-click functionality across the board to search for product and manage PNRs and profiles. A one-click interactive calendar also allows the users to combine air and hotel in one search.

The GDS owner, which remains locked in an ongoing legal dispute with American Airlines, says Smartpoint substantially reduces keystrokes when searching for and booking itineraries, reducing call handling times and overall keystrokes by 15% – and by up to 72% when searching for the ‘best’ fare.

Galileo Desktop with Smartpoint add-on - hotel and air fare search

Travelport says the app was originally developed for Travelport’s largest global customers, but has now been made widely available on a commercial basis.

Gillian Gibson, chief marketing officer for Travelport, said: “I foresee the Travelport Smartpoint App being hungrily adopted by the industry, as it is easy to install, becomes operational extremely fast and it provides intelligent system translation capabilities.

“It supports other GDS languages, eliminates the need for re-training, and allows any user to hit the ground running with the GDS language they are used to.  By building on how agents work today, Travelport Smartpoint App will strengthen their most valuable assets – their existing investments in people and technology.”

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