Room 77 brings mobile app to Android platform

Hotel room search engine Room 77 has extended the availability of its free mobile application to the Android platform.

The app will be available on Android OS 2.2.1 or higher through the Android Marketplace, meaning travellers with Android devices as well as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can find and share important information on hotel rooms to secure the best room for their needs.

Room 77’s proprietary Room Rank algorithm ‘scores’ every room, based on the traveller’s preferences, as well as providing the actual ‘view’ from each room through mapping technology.

The app can be used at check-in to suggest potential alternative rooms. Users can also search nearby properties based on their current location, or browse hotels in another destination.

The Android App includes several new features that have been added since Room 77’s public beta launch in February, including user registration, which validates the user’s info and makes sharing room data, images and exit floor plans via the app faster and easier.

Room 77 says it is now working to index every hotel room at every three to five-star hotel and resort worldwide. It claims to have data on more than 500,000 hotel rooms in 30 mainly north American markets, as well as London.

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